Alexandria Company for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries

Alexandria Co.

Pharmaceutical and
Checmial Industries



Alexandria Co. Is one of the Egyptian pharmaceutical companies  affiliated to the Drug Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances

Was established since 1962
60% owned by bublic sector ( Holdipharma), 35% owned by private sector (shareholders ) and  5% owned by employees. 
Total number of products is 231 pharmaceutical product, marketed worlkwide.

Our Dosage Forms:


Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Creams, Suppositories, Ampoules, Drops, Carpules, Medicated Adhesive Tapes, Plasters, Surgical Gloves, Sterile Gauze Dressing and Veterinary Products

The continuous change and advance in science and technology opens new horizons leading to a state of rapid revolution and change in the pharmaceutical industry

We are Characterized by Production of Dental CartridgesMedicated Adhesive Tapes, Plasters, Surgical Gloves, Sterile Gauze Dressing and Veterinary Products

Alexandria Co. for Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries Products cover most of the pharmaceutical groups such as:

1.NSAIDs (Analgesics, Antipyretics,anti-inflammatory)

2. Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

3. Cardiovascular drugs

4. Cardiovascular drugs & Loop diuretics5. Cardiovascular drugs & thiazide diuretics 6. Cardiovascular stimulants and vasodilators

7. Anti-tussive (Expectorant) & (Cough Sedative) 

8. Haemostatic agents9. Antibiotics
10. Antibacterial 11. Anthelmintics 12. Antimalarials 
13. Antiprotozoals

14. Antifungals

 15. Local anesthetics
16. Gastrointestinal drugs (Purgative, antacid, )17. Gastrointestinal drugs (antacid )18. Gastrointestinal drug (for the treatment  of constipation)

19. Gastrointestinal drugs (antidiarrhoeal)

20. Gastrointestinal drugs (antiemetic) 21. Antihistaminics

 22. Antispasmodics

23. Bronchodilator & anti-asthma drug

24. Antigout drugs

25. Mydriatics

26. Miotics 27. Decongestants

28. Antiepileptics

29. Food spplements 

30. Antidiabetics

31. Metabolic enhancers

32. Drugs for Anovulatory infertility 33. Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
34. Drugs used for hepatic disorders 35. For minor skin disorders 36. Smooth muscle relaxant
37. Treatment of Myasthenia gravis 38. H2 receptor antagonist 39. Opiod Analgesics
40. Vitamins   
We Export Our Products to 31 Countries Worldwide.
* ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems
* ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems
* ISO13485 Medical devices Quality management systems 
* OHSAS  18001:2007  Occupational Health and Safety Assurance System
* CE Mark for Sterile Surgical Gloves, Sterile Guaze Dressing ( Comming Soon.)
We are displaying a general state of overall process control and compliance in regards to cGMP , Ministry of Health Egypt rules, Romania National Medicines agencyMinistry of Health of KSA, Libya,GSK  quality management system.


Main Site (Factories): Gamila Bohreid Road - Awayed - Alexandria - Egypt




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